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[RADE GARAGE] KTM EXC rally kit 2017-2022

[RADE GARAGE] KTM EXC rally kit 2017-2022

¥240,350 税込
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1 ウインドスクリーン、フェアリング、デカール
2 カーボンタワー、GPSまたはロードブックマウントバー
2 CNC削り出しハンドルバークランプ(スコットのステアリングダンパー対応)
3 取り付けステー一式
4 LEDライト(エンジェルアイ付)
5 予備電源用コネクター付きハーネス
6 ヘッドライト用船用コネクター

For the serious adventurer
When discovering new territories, tracks and wild remote areas you need as light of a bike as possible. The EXC provides that option but without all the usual comfort of larger motorcycles. We designed and added efficient space for GPS, amazing headlights, wind protection and more. All in a modular design that allows you to create the optimal experience

Rally design and Dakar proved!
Unique rally kit designed especially for KTM EXC that matches the EXC’s size and keeping it narrow and very easy to handle. On the other hand, it is very robust and its durability was proven during the Hellas rally, ElChott rally and the legendary Dakar rally, where Jan Vesely used them during the 2019 and 2020 event.

High end materials and low weight
To satisfy the lowest possible weight reduction and maintain the durability required for long distance races we created carbon fiber tower. Parts in danger of impact during a crash are steel so they can be bend back, while others like the clamps are CNC milled for precise fit. Vacuum molded transparent fairing provides wind protection. The full kit with road legal LED headlights is just 3 KG!

No drilling, Plug and play only
The CNC milled clamps ensure bolt on system that can be removed and the bike reversed to original configuration. To simply connect GPS, roadbook or tripmaster the wires extension and spare connectors are included too.

Adapter for Scotts damper included
The kit automatically includes the adapter for Scotts damper (but NOT the damper it self). You can bolt on the damper simply in few seconds.

Rally race add on
If you want to use a full roadbook rally navigation, we have the Racing add on. It includes an aluminum bracket module that is added on the top of the carbon tower and has space for a roadbook, tripmasters, SpeedoCap and GPS receivers. The Racing add on also includes the power connector for simple installation of all navi stuff.

Windscreen and fairing with graphics decal
Carbon tower with holders and bar for GPS
CNC milled clamps
Mounting hardware
New LED lights with angel eyes
Electric cables with spare power source connectors
Original electric connectors for headlights